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An Industry on Fire

Pizza has become an American staple that everyone loves, because it comes in enough varieties to suit anyone’s taste. At Timber Pizza Co., we take the typical pizza and kick it up a notch. Our pizza is so good that people crave it, foodies seek it out, and business builders want a part of it.

When you own a pizza shop franchise with Timber Pizza Co., all the numbers fall into place.

Americans consume an estimated 3 billion pizzas a year, that means people eat approximately 46 slices of pizza per year.

30% of people eat pizza at least once per week

Recent growth in the pizza industry is attributed to the popularity of non-traditional food combinations

People Want to Gather

Local restaurants are the stronghold of communities. They foster job growth, support local vendors and agriculture, and let local consumers feel good about keeping their money within their communities. Timber Pizza Co. takes pride in being a local hangout.

Not only do people want to eat great pizza, but they also want a cool place to go to eat it:

72% of millennials go out to eat or drink at least once per week

59% of parents dine out with their children once per week or more

And further, 70% of consumers would rather support a local business than a big box name

Need More Reasons to Join Timber Pizza Co.?

Here are more advantages for YOU as a business owner:

You can learn from an experienced team, with members recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, and align with a brand that received The Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand award, among other accolades
You join a franchise with a culture all its own; we’re proud of what we do
You can leverage an established pizza shop franchise model designed to for growth
You receive ample training and support to grow your business, learning from leaders who know every aspect of the business, who built it one wood fired oven at a time
You can offer your community a warm and wonderful place to gather around good food

Pizza and People. It’s What We’re About.

We have developed our franchising program to help small business owners be a part of their communities. If you are interested in opening a pizza shop franchise that brings people together, we encourage you to explore the Timber Pizza Co. franchise opportunity.