August 30, 2022

by Jillian Levitt

Like many others, Luke Watson was furloughed from the hospitality industry during the pandemic. As he started exploring other ventures, he began exploring the possibility of starting a restaurant concept or buying into one. In what he says was serendipitous timing he got introduced to Andrew Dana (one of the co-owners of Timber Pizza Company).

Timber was established in 2014 by “two guys and a chef:” Andrew Dana, Chris Brady and Dani Moreina respectively. Timber started out of a pickup truck, and it expanded to a brick and mortar location in 2016 on Upshur Street and now has three mobile pizza ovens servicing DC and Richmond, VA. Their mobile pizza trucks can be spotted at farmers markets, local breweries and pools all over RVA

With Chris Brady in charge of mobile catering, husband-wife duo Andrew and Dani also own Call Your Mother Deli, which has seen rapid growth with seven locations throughout the DC area since its opening in 2018. CYM announced plans to open two more locations in Denver, Colorado.

With Timber and CYM taking off, finding another owner/investor for Timber became imperative. With a love of “damn good pizza,” this was the perfect opportunity for Watson to get involved. He brought in an investment partner and bought in as an additional owner. Andrew Dana is still the “Head of Vibes” and “Chief Dough Boi,” Dani is Head Chef and Chris Brady oversees mobile catering.

What changes can folks look out for at Timber? Keep an eye out for a revamped breakfast menu and new empanadas and pizzas this fall, says Watson.

Aside from that… “We really want to grow. We don’t know exactly how we want to grow but we do know we want to grow our mobile food truck business,” says Watson. While they don’t have any official plans for brick and mortar store in Richmond yet, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

“We are hoping to get two more mobile ovens next year. Locations are TBD,” said Watson.

They may add a third oven here in Upshur or expand down South because the vending season is longer. They are being strategic about location in focusing on places that value local and fit their vibe. They would even consider having a permanent presence in Baltimore.

Within the next few months, they will also be opening a location at National Airport. As most other restaurants, they have been getting delayed: dealing with supply chain issues, on top of security regulations and build out requirements.

They are keeping their options open as for future brick and mortar stores and even franchising. “We want to focus on finding the right partnerships,” said Watson. “As long as we can work with really great partners that understand what Timber is. Then there should be no difference between a franchise Timber and this Timber.”

With many potential changes on the horizon, Watson says, “it’s important for the community to understand that Dani, Andrew, Chris and our employees are the heart and soul of this restaurant. We are still the same Timber with the same values.”

Timber continues to partner with the community, they sponsored Porchfest and have partnered with the comedy club, Room 808 (the comedy club) for free pizza night. No matter what is in store for Timber, pizza connoisseurs can still expect to leave happy and full. I’ll be munching down on a Green Monster every chance I get.

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